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Bison meat is traditionally available at market price.  Please contact us for current pricing and availability. 

Black Rock Bison takes pride in providing you with the finest bison meat available, our bison raised locally and bison raised at the Durham Ranch in Wyoming has been raised on grass and has never been subjected to hormones, steroids or sub-therapeutic antibiotics. 

Eat Bison -- America's Original Health Food!

Tri Tip

Tender, delicious tri-tip cut on the bar-b-que. 

Ground Meat (Bison Spaghetti)

Add bison to your favorite spaghetti recipe for a rich flavor. 


For a beautiful presentation and melt in your mouth pieces of bison - buy them pre-made or purchase a primal cut or choice of steak and cut your own.  Delicious with your choice of vegetables for a very healthy meal.

Kabobs - premade

Top Sirloin cut in to bite size pieces. About 5-6 per skewer.

Rib Eye Steaks from Primal Cut

Cut to your desired thickness - ready to grill or pack them in freezer bags in desired quantities for a delicious meal later. 

Primal Cut

Any choice of steak - in a slab weighing 4-14 pounds allows you to cut your desired quantity and thickness for entertaining - or simply storing a few months worth of bison in the freezer. Save $$ by cutting your own steaks from the primal cut.

Ground Meat (Bison Chili)

Check out our recipe page for a delicious bowl of bison chilli.  Rich in flavor and can enhance your family recipe by adding bison ground meat to the mix. 

Bison Burgers

Sold in packages of 3 pre-made patties, equal to 1 pound. 

Or a box  of 36 pre-made patties, equal to 12 pounds.

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