Ground Meat

For spaghetti/pasta sauce, tacos, chili....brown the meat just until the pink disappears so that it will finish cooking in your sauce without drying out.

Burger Patties
Lightly coat burger with olive oil (we use an olive oil spray or a dollop of oil the size of a dime and spread it around with the spatula), season with your favorite seasoning.  Grill with medium-high heat and lid down until red juices pool on top of burger pattie (roughly 2 minutes).  Flip burger, add cheese and remove when cheese has melted (roughly 30 seconds). If using a skillet, same cooking time applies but use a loose foil cover (a lid is too airtight).  

Steaks (filet, sirloin tip, top sirloin, New York, Ribeye, London Broil, flank)
Coat steak with olive oil and favorite seasoning.  Grill with medium-high heat and lid down for about 2 minutes.  Flip. Continue cooking for another 2 minutes and check for doneness.  BE AWARE that steaks will finish quickly...and are best when served rare to medium-rare. 
** Sirloin Tip, London Broil, and Top Sirloin can all be cut and cooked for fajitas, stir fry, carne asada, french dip sandwiches, etc.

Roasts (Boneless Chuck, 7 Bone Chuck Roast, Sirloin Tip, Cross Rib)
Coat with olive oil and dredge through flour (optional).  Coat with favorite seasoning.  In a slow cooker (crock pot) you can use your favorite beef recipe, but remember that cook time can be less with bison.  A special ingredient to help tenderize the bison meat is to substitute liquid with one bottle of a dark beer of your choice.  Remember that this may change the taste of any added vegetables. 

Tri - Tip
Coat with Olive Oil and season with desired seasonings. Use medium-high heat on a grill with the lid down. Turn every 4-5 minutes and check for desired doneness. Let rest for 2-3 minutes. Slice against the grain.  

​Stew Meat
Dredge through flour and brown in a skillet with olive oil and seasoning until the pink is gone and then slow cook as you would any other stew meat. Remember that it will take less time to brown bison meat. 

Ribs and Bones - Slow cooker is the best!

Cooking Tips and Recipes